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Produits ayurvédiques d'hygiène, de santé et de bien-être
Produits ayurvédiques d'hygiène, de santé et de bien-être


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How to prevent impotency

IN POLITICALLY correct circles, they call it sexual dysfunction. In medical circles, its less politely known as erectile disability. But for the millions of men who suffer from it, impotence is not just about a defective gadget that refuses to perform, its about injured masculinity. Here's how to cope:


• Lack of proper erection
• Premature ejaculation
• Prostate problems
• Fatigue

The rescue diet

Believe it or not, garlic and onions are aphrodisiacs; garlic milk is especially beneficial. Both increase libido and strengthen the sexual organs.

Ayurveda recommends almonds, dates, figs and honey in generous quantities. Carrots, and apples are also ancient sex tonics.

Pep pills

Zinc (50 ings) daily is receiving press for its role in stimulating erectile tissue. In addition, a B-complex supplement will help to strengthen the nerves and reduce the stress that is inevitably implicated in impotence.

Aroma arsenal

Garlic, onion and clove essential oils are specific for impotence but while they may correct the problem, partners are not always guaranteed! You may prefer to opt for less potent but more pleasing blends like jasmine and nutmeg I three drops each in sesame oil. Add to bath water or use for massage.

Herbal help

Ashwagandha, the ancient ayurvedic sex tonic is supposed to provide the "strength of a horse" and even smells peculiarly of horse dung. Saffron or nutmeg milk at bedtime are also supposed t increase libido. Another effective remedy is to massage the entire pubic area with SRI GOPAL OIL, or sesame oil mixed with a few drops of mustard oil. The latter has a heating effect that dilates blood vessels and stimulates the genital tissues.

Pulse points

Locate the genital marma point or energy centre on the underside of the penis and gently press on it while simultaneously performing the ashwani mudra . Done one hour before sex, this helps maintain an erection.

Colour cues

Orange charged water helps blood flows around the body. Wrap a clear glass bottle with orange cellophane, fill with water and leave out in the sun for seven days. Drink this orange charged water regularly for improved performance.

Mantra magic

Om is the most powerful mantra. It serves to energize all things, opens the channels and increases ojas, the sap of life, which is vital for sexual activity. Chant for ten minutes every day.

Gems of wisdom

The Gems like diamond strengthens and tones the reproductive system for males and females. It also increases ojas and vitality. Set in white gold and wear on the middle or little finger.

Yoga Rx

Padmasana, the classic Lotus Pose increases blood flow to the perineum and directs prana or the life force to the lower two chakras that govern sexual functions. Sit with the legs straight in front of the body. Slowly bend one leg and place the foot on the opposite thigh with the sole upward. Then bend the other leg and place the other foot on top of the other thigh.

Try to touch the knees to the ground, relax the shoulders and keep the spine absolutely erect. Ashwani Mudra in which the anus is pulled inward in a series of tense release movements is also helpful.

Psychic speak

Psychic healers associate impotence with tension and guilt. These may arise from a fear of being spited by a previous partner, or a subconscious fear of your mother. Stand up and address these issues if you want to primp up your prowess. Visit

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