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Produits ayurvédiques d'hygiène, de santé et de bien-être
Produits ayurvédiques d'hygiène, de santé et de bien-être


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Diabetes Mellitus

Termed `Madhumeha' in Ayurveda, its incidence is higher amongst the older and the obese.
Originating from an absolute or relative lack of insulin, it gives way to abnormalities in the
metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the body. Characterised by abnormally
high levels of blood glucose and its subsequent excretion through urine.
Constant feeling of hunger and thirst.
Weight loss
Quick exhaustion. Drowsiness. Low sexual urge.
Possible anaemia, constipation, itching around genital organs, palpitation.
Slow healing of wounds.
Root Causes
Overeating and consequent obesity
Excessive intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates
Overloading of proteins and fats which get converted into sugar if taken in excess.
Excessive tension, worry, anxiety & grief
Hereditary factors
Healing Options
Herbs Neem (Azadirachta indica) Gurmar Leaves (Gymnema sylvestrae) Karela
(Momordica charantia) Nayantatra (Vinca rosa)
Ayurvedic Supplements Madhumehari Granules Shilajit Tablets Karela Tablets Diacont
Diet Avoid sugar in any form-rice, potato, banana, cereals & fruits containing high
percentage of sugar content. Do away with fatty stuff. Go for the following low-calorie,
low-fat alkaline diet of high quality natural foods. Seeds: Paslane seeds .Seeds of bitter gourd
& Fenugreek Vegetables: Bitter Gourd, string beans, cucumber, onion, garlic Fruits: Indian
Gooseberry, Jambul Fruit, Grape Fruit. Grains: Bengal gram, black gram. Dairy Products:
Home-made cottage cheese and various forms of soured milk such as curd and butter milk.
Emphasis should be on raw vegetables & herbs as they play a part in stimulating the
pancreas and enhancing insulin production.
Lifestyle Lifestyle: Don't indulge in day-time sleep. Should take care not to injure yourself
as you take time to heal. As a result, there is a possibility of the wound becoming septic. Should
take adequate eye care as the disease in serious condition might affect the eye. If you are
afflicted by any other disease, you should take prompt actions since you lack resistance. Foot care.
Yoga A must for you a) Cobra (Bhujang Asana) b) Locust (Shalabh Asana) c) Bow (Dhanur Asana)
Apart from Yoga daily some exercise must be done like cycling, swimming, jogging etc.


DIABETGUARD GRANULES, a formulation (formulated by GOODCARE PHARMA PVT. LTD.) based on Ayurvedic principles is being exhaustively researched  for its effect on blood sugar levels and also its  potential  in adverting long-term complications of diabetes mellitus. Its main ingredients  are  Eugenia  jambolana, Momordica charanctia, Gymmnema sylvestrae, Tinospora cordifolia, Accacia catechu, Azadirecta indica and Silajit etc.

Dosage: Two capsules daily with water early in the morning.

Name of the            Latin Name                        Parts Used            Quantity

Gurmar              Gymmnema sylvetris            Leaf Powder          20 gm

Neem                 Azadiracta indica                 Leaf Powder          5 gm

Jamun                Eugenia  jambolana              Seed Powder        10 gm

Karela                Momordica charanctia          Fruit Powder          5 gm

Giloy                  Tinospora cordifolia              Stem powder       12 gm

khair                  Accacia catechu                  Powder                5 gm

Haldi                  Curcuma longa                    Rhizome Powder     6 gm

Amla                  Phyllanthus emblica              Fruit Powder         5 gm

Vijaysar              Pterocarpus marsupium         Wood Powder       5 gm

Tejpatta             Cinnamomum tamala             Leaf Powder         5 gm

Gular                  Ficus glomirata                    Leaf Powder         6 gm

Kutki                  Pichorrhiza krurra                 Wood Powder       5 gm

Methi                 Trigonella foenum-graeccum.  Seed Powder       3 gm

Purified Shilajeet                                           Rock Derivative   4 gm

Powderang Bhasma                                       Powder              1 gm

Yasad Bhasma                                             Powder              1 gm

Processed in Gurmar & Neam Leaf aquous extract.

Mode of action:-

It delayed the rate of absorption of carbohydrates in gastro intestinal transit. It also increases the uptake of glucose by cells. It is now established that the herbal medicines have potency to increase the production of insulin, and rejuvenates the liver and pancreas.

Gurmar(Gymnema Sylvetris):-

An enzyme isolated from it has been shown  to  bring about glycolysis  in  vitro,reducing  the  strength of a glucose solution.  It is believed to neutralize excess sugar present in the body in diabetes mellitus.  The leaf extract contains gymnemic acid, which is said to inhibit the adrenohyophyseal stress response and the hyperglycaemic response to adrenaline and growth hormone. It has also been  shown  to   have a regenerative effect on beta-cells.

*Principal Investigator

** Co-Investigator

TI: Antidiabetic effect of a leaf extract from Jymnema sylvestris in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients.

AU:Baskaran,-K.;Ahamath,-B.K.;Shanmugasundaram,-K.R.; hanmugasundaram,-E.R.B.

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TI:  Use  of Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract in the control of blood  glucose  in  insulin-        dependent diabetes mellitus.

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TI:  Possible regeneration of the islets of Langerhans in streptozotocin-diabetic rats given Gymnema sylvestre leaf extracts.

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Neem Leaf (Azadirachta indica):- Aqueous extract of leaves the blood sugar level.Murty, : Indian Journal of Pharmacol 10: 247 (1978).

Pillai N.R. and G. Santakumari : Ind. J. Med. Research 74 : 931 (1981)

Jamun  Seed (Eugenia  jambolana):- 

The  seed  extract  quickly  reduces  blood sugar, liver glycogen,blood urea,serum cholesterol and triglycerides.

Fifth dimensions November, 1989 to January, 1990 Vol 12 (02) Page 11-13.

Karela (Momordica  charantia):- 

The  fruits and seeds yield a polypeptide considered  to  be   similar to bovine insulin,which has been shown to have a hypoglycaemic effect in all types of diabetes. It also promotes peripheral utilisation of glucose.

AB:  The hypoglycaemic effect of orally administered extracts of Momordica charantia L.    fruits  was examined in normoglycaemic or cyproheptadine-induced hyperglycaemic mice.  The aqueous extract reduced the fasting glucose levels of hyperglycaemic or normoglycaemic mice. However, the ethanol extract did not affect the fasting or non fasting glucose levels significantly in both groups of mice. There was no significant difference between the glucose-loaded and glucose-loaded plus aqueous extract given group. On the other hand, oral glucose loading of the cyproheptadine-induced hyperglycaemic animals reduced the fasting glucose levels significantly. These results showed that aqueous extract of M.charantia fruits has a hypoglycaemic activity without improving the tolerance to glucose in cyproheptadine-induced diabetic mice.

TI:  Effect  of  Karela (M. Charantia) on the glucose and insulin  response  in  diabetic   subjects.

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SO: Planta-med. Stuttgart: Georg Thieme Verlag,. Oct 1993. v. 59 (5) p. 408-412.

Puified Shilajit (Ashphaltam)

It has anabolic panceatotopic effects. It is valuable in the cases of diabetic albuminuia where both casts and albumin diminish and is to be said to be a cure for diabetic amauosis .It rapidly relieves thirsts, polyuria, burning sensation and exhaustion and markedly helps assimilation of sugar. It has been considered to act as a biocatalyst as it increases the peripheral demand of glucose for the growth and metabolic process. Thus by inhibiting the hyperglycaemia it seems to save the beta-cells and pancreas from detoriating by restricting glucose load and also by promoting unrestricted endogenous insulin action.

The Indian Materia Medica, p.- 23-32, K. M. Nadkarni.Chopra’s Indigenous Drugs of India, p.-437-438.

Vang Bhasma:  

Age old Ayurvedic preparation is found to be much effective in hyperglycaemia. This has been used in diabetes mellitus for centuries.

Meteria Medica of India, Nadkarni. Bhav Prakash p. Ayurvedic Formulary of India, Part –I 18:15, p.-59.

Yasad Bhasma :

Ayurvedic Formulary of India, Part-I 18:12, P.-60

Selection of Patients - Inclusion Criteria :

37 cases of NIDDM (from OPD of Rotary Baidyanath Ayurvedic Treatment & Research Centre, Kolkata), Or those who are on OHA. of either sex of various occupations i.e. Students, Housewives, Businessmen, Servicemen or Professionals were selected for this study. The patients between age range of 29-77yrs were included in this study.

Exclusion of patients:

Exclude IDDM and complicated patients like those -Who have developed Retinopathy or Cardiac diseases or any severe complications. Principal Investigator had the discretion to exclude any patient not suitable for this study. It was necessary to take written consent of the Patients, and to inform all details about this medicine if he asks for it. .

Duration of Study:-

Each patient took this medication for the period of three months and their all parameters were recorded fortnightly. The total study period was of 6 months duration.

General investigations such as Height, Weight, B.P and BMI, along with laboratory investigation done by the investigator was recorded every fortnight. Blood Glucose and Urine Glucose- Fasting Or, Post meal was recorded

Dose of the medicine: One teaspoonful twice-daily 15 minutes before breakfast and Dinner.

Adverse effect:-

At each monthly follow-up, patients were interrogated and examined for any adverse effect and were recorded in terms of months when reported, its severity, whether there was discontinuation of the study drug or reduced in the dose of treatment or other treatments for side effects, was noted.
Case record sheet:- The case record sheet was filled up by the investigator throughout the study period. At the end of the study, the original copy of each completed case record sheet duly signed and completed in all respect was forwarded to GOOD CARE PHARMA PVT. LTD., along with the final report. Concluding remarks by the investigator: -

How was the patient compliance?

What was the average reduction of Blood and Urine sugar level, and complications due to Hyperglycaemia?

Were there side effects?

There were 37 patients of either sex included in this study after proper diagnosis. There were 25 male and 12 females age ranges between 29 yrs to 73 yrs were included. Out of 37 patients 4 patients had skin eruption and 7 patients had diabetic neuropathy. There was 2 weeks of wash out period and after that they were put on medicine DIABET GUARD 1 tsf twice daily before 15 mints of breakfast, and dinner with water for the period of three months. Every month their Blood glucose and Urine glucose was monitored and recorded accordingly.

Result was analyzed and recorded which is given below in the form of table after completion of the trial period that is 6 months.

Prameha (Diabetes)

         In today's stressful modern living, incidence of Diabetes is definitely increasing. Every now and then we come across patients of Diabetes seeking Ayurvedic treatment and advice. Here is a brief description of Prameha (Diabetes)

        It is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose resulting in hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and glycosuria (sugar in urine).
        Poorly managed diabetes can lead to a host of long-term complications like :-
Heart attacks.
Nerve damage.
Amputation of Limb.
Impotence in men.
Pruritus (Itching)

        Recent studies in the USA have revealed that if we keep our 'blood sugar' close to normal, there is a chance to resist Diabetes and it's complications.

        According to Ayurveda There are 20 forms of this disease: 4 are due to Vata, 6 result from Pitta, and 10 are caused by Kapha. But prameha is mainly kapha doshaja disease.
All forms of diabetes not treated to, eventually develop into Madhumeha (Diabetes Melitus).

1] Diet increasing kapha dosha such as sugar, fats, potatoes, rice.
2] Lack of exercise.
3] Mental stress and strain.
4] Excessive sleep etc.

1] Excessive urine formation & Frequent urination.
2] Burning of palms and soles.
3] Increased hunger
4]Excessive Thirst.
5]Sweet taste to mouth etc.
6]Weight Loss
7]Blurry Vision
8]Wounds that take time to heal
9]Skin Infections
10]Unexplained extreme fatigue
1] Diet planning- is the cornerstone of managing diabetes.The diabetic diet is an otherwise normal balanced diet, with a few modifications and proper spacing between food intakes. Avoid diet increasing kapha dosha such as sugar, fats, potatoes, rice. Avoid alcohol
2] Daily exercise- One of the methods to heal prameha include strenuous exercises. Regular exercise in any form is a must.
In 'Yogasanas' -Forward bending asanas like 'Paschimottanasan','Halasan' etc. are effective
3]Restrict and reduce weight.
4] Avoid sleeping during daytime.
5] Avoid smoking.
6] Try to reduce stress by implimenting 'Yoga'practice.

Useful herbs
1] Jambhul (Eugenia jambolana)Powder from jamun core is useful.
2]Gurmar(gymnema sylvestre).
3]Sagar gota (Ceasalpinia crista).
4]Bel (Aegle marmelos).
8] Triphala

Useful drug formulations
3]Asanad tablets
4] Shilajit Vati
5]Trivanga bhasma.
6]Vasant Kusumakar
Diet – Use barly ,Varee, Mung, Kulittha, Chickpeas, old rice, bitter gourd, Dodaka, dudhee gourd in diet. Roasted rice and wheat are more useful . Include 'Tikta ras' items in diet.

        In summation, diabetes is not just a lack of insulin. Its most probable cause is plain poor maintenance of your body. It 's cure will need to include all of these things discussed. By doing all, diet, herbs, exercise and stress management, we will be able to take care of a single problem Diabetis.

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